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 Pawse App — Aiding Students in Stress and Grief


Role — Design Team
Timeline — Fall 2017

The Pawse mobile app is an IOS app that connects stressed students to Pawse official therapy dogs on campus. This project was a collaborative project, with design partners who are linked below.

Our app connected users with nearby certified emotional-support dogs on campus, and users could also be following their favorite dogs. Pawse is a stress-relief initiative partnered with the on-campus counseling center, Cook Counseling, to bring on-campus therapy dogs to stressed students. Our features included dog scheduling for events, profiles, and a social presence for each dog in the Pawse program. It also included scheduling opportunities to interact with the dogs and their volunteers throughout the semester. We also featured a matching system to pair stressed students with support dogs that fit them and their needs the best.

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When beginning our preliminary research on our Pawse app, we decided to interview members of our target audience, ask questionnaires, and send out surveys. From the feedback, we began affinity diagramming to determine our major themes and ideas and found our most popular themes were that students are students are highly stressed, have a low support system, and are interested/think that therapy dogs could help their stress levels.The results of our research helped to determine every design decision in the app, from experience designs to color and illustrations.

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The Collaborators