Alma Festival Branding


Alma Festival —
Oaxaca, Mexico


Role — Designer
Timeline — Fall 2017

Alma is a culture-rich festival celebrating the Day of the Dead in Oaxaca, Mexico. As an effort to bridge the gap between locals and tourists during the travel season in Mexico for the Day of the Dead, Alma was born. The brand attempts to bring together tourists and locals to appreciate the tradition and rich emotion behind the holiday, rather than each pushing the other away. Alma, translating to soul in Spanish, was inspired by the bright yellow cempasuchil that cover the intricate walkways around the altars during the Mexican holiday.


The Brand

The word mark is a linear and geometric mark featuring a custom typeface to draw from those walkways, the integration and celebration of people, both past and present, and bringing a modern twist to that traditional heritage in Oaxaca.

A major part of the brand is the intricate, symmetrical illustrations that attempt to encapsulate the vibrancy and beauty of the Day of the Dead, by pulling from its iconic symbols like the sugar skull, the massively traditional yellow flowers, the alters and offerings, and the emotion of the holiday.

Created around the system of the logo itself, the illustrations help to achieve a bold, welcoming presence through energetic color and symmetry.

Artboard 3@3x.png