I believe in design as solution — for dreamers, doers, and creatives alike.


Hey there —
I’m Julia.


I first found love in design at a very early age. I was astounded at its ability to offer unique and incredibly effective solutions to monumental problems while still remaining versatile and organic in nature. I found that I could pair design with anything to create more good, thus sparking an infinite curiosity in visual language. Since then, I've followed diverse and uncommon opportunities to push my skill set and learn as a designer and a human. I've been an artist, a farmer, a writer, an athlete, an over-pouring mixologist, an inexperienced chef, a solopreneur, and a terrible runner. More notably, I'm an ambitious and independent creative who strives to be the best designer, partner, and asset alive.

I believe that design is empathy and understanding and that this approach can lead to effective communication and the most influential solutions. I believe in teamwork and an interdisciplinary learning experience, both of which I value personally. I believe that design is simultaneously fear & longing, and I will never believe in creative limits. I draw inspiration from everything I see and every person I meet, and I’ve been fortunate enough to turn it all into a career.

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Let’s build beautiful, purposeful solutions — together.


I’m a visual and graphic designer with a focus on building brands and their experiences. I’ve worked on everything from wedding stationery to iconic landmarks in downtown New York City. I enjoy a variety of clients, peers, coworkers, and friends, and believe in strength through diversity. Reach out, and let’s see what we can make together.


Specializing in —


Logo Development
Brand Experience
Website Design
UI/UX Design

Motion Graphics
Experiential Design


 Let’s make something purposeful together.

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