Julia is an ambitious visual communicator & multi-disciplinary designer based in New York.

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Welcome. I’m a visual designer and freelancer with many unique experiences under my belt — each more incredible than the last. I reign from New York and graduated cum laude from Virginia Tech. Since the day I discovered the field of design, I’ve been infatuated. Design, particularly through visual communication, is a fascinating study that merges art, science, history, psychology, language, and business. It is storytelling, stripped down and analyzed in ways that are difficult to explain to those untrained. I believe design to be language, in every existing form. When we can harness beauty and purpose, we are able to curate brand experiences around centralized goals and drive business in the best possible directions.



When beauty partners with purpose, something unforgettable is created. That’s my goal each day — to create unforgettable design experiences rooted in concept and tried strategy that allow others to thrive

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Onda Cafe — Credible Coffee Coast to Coast.


FutureHAUS —
The Home of the Future


Museum of Rum —
Modernizing Tradition


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 Let’s create something purposeful together.


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